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Your Secret Power

September 11, 2021

One of the least known facts about the human brain is it has the power to turn a bad day instantly into a good one or turn a difficult conversation into a deeper connection; it can even put the brakes on a sudden panic attack, or a slow slide into depression.

No. It's not some wonder drug or the star of another superhero movie. It’s actually a very basic fundamental of human brain functioning.

This secret superpower is simply-

Your brain HAS to answer EVERY question you ask.

Like most profound facts of life, it really is that simple.

Cognitive behavioral therapy has proven-

Faulty Beliefs > Negative Thoughts > Difficult Emotions > Dysfunctional Actions

Most wellness coaches, therapists and self-help gurus trace most problems all the way back to a faulty belief system. However, we here at Sokya Health will help you go one step farther and discover that every belief system you have is the answer to a question you at one time asked.

Identifying and changing your questions gives you a veritable “emotional express pass” to skip right over the difficult work of digging through all the muck and mire of your faulty beliefs, negative thoughts, difficult emotions and dysfunctional actions.

Sound too good to be true? The next time you're having a bad day, run this simple experiment-

  1. Listen to your self-talk.

  2. Identify the question you've probably repeated to yourself hundreds of times during the day. If it's something like, "Why does everything always go wrong for me?".

  3. Turn your day and the question around by asking something like "How can I turn this situation around so that it makes me proud and even have fun in the process?"

  4. Start focusing solely on the new question.

It doesn't take a doctorate in neuropsychology to realize that asking these two questions will end in very different outcomes.

Your quest to build a better life begins by learning to ask better questions.

Harnessing this little-known fact about your brain will soon become your secret superpower.

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