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We help our clients achieve balance and happiness in their lives, and it shows. See what they have to say about our services.
"Excellent experience with this group!! Very professional, caring and efficient. I've spoken with three outstanding woman when calling with questions and concerns. Lupe, Arley, and Erica have been incredibly patient, kind, always call back in a timely fashion and are competent and well organized!! Thank you for your hard work and efficiency!! It is appreciated."
"I have been a client with this practice since before they moved to their new location, and have had very good experiences with them. When I was originally looking for a provider, I called 18 different practices (literally, no joke!) in the La Jolla area that my insurance said were taking new patients, and this was the only one able to offer me an appointment within two weeks. I haven't had many interactions with the administrative staff because generally everything runs smoothly, so there is no need to speak with them; however, in one case where there was a payment problem, they called me promptly and we took care of it over the phone in less than 10 minutes. They also bill promptly, which may not sound like an advantage but definitely is for anyone who is paying with a flexible spending account (my last provider was so behind in their accounting that they billed me for my Oct/Nov appointments the next *May*--too late to use my FSA money :-/ ) The new location has plenty of (free) parking and a comfy waiting room (bigger than the last office's). Wish the building had bike racks, though! Of course, the most important thing about a medical practice is not its office staff or its location but its doctors. I have only seen one of the providers here (which is a good thing--we got along well so I didn't have to try out anyone else :) so I can't speak about the whole group. However, the doctor I see manages to strike that difficult balance between professional and approachable.They also have enough availability that I can see them when I need to.It is a relief to have found a provider I can work with in the long term, rather than being bounced from one to another as I have been in some other practices!"
"Both Dr. Hoxie and Dr. Watson, NP are compassionate and supportive health practitioners. I’m grateful for their work and would recommend Achieve Medical Center to anyone needing treatment."
"My family and I have been going to Achieve for 2 years now. We have seen 4 (so as not to have the same therapist) therapists and Brittany Watson, the Nurse Practitioner for medication management. It took us many years to find the right place for our family. The care and compassion we receive at Achieve is incomparable. We had many bad experiences before finding the perfect place for our family."
"Came here today as a new patient and OMG THE THE STAFF AND DOCTORS ARE GREAT. Helped with everything I needed and I'm definitely glad I chose this practice!!!"
"Great clinicians, friendly staff - would highly recommend the doctors, therapists at Achieve."
"Amazing staff, great people. They were able to get me in same day and truly helped me a lot. I love this place, wonderful staff that truly cares."
"Amazing staff, great people. They were able to get me in same day and truly helped me a lot. I love this place, wonderful staff that truly cares."
"My psychiatrist (technically an NP) Brittany Watson is incredibly helpful and competent-- because I wasn't in crisis she had me get blood work done instead of throwing more medications at the wall to see if they stick. My therapist Dr. Elva Hoxie is also very respectful and knows what she's doing. And, they take my insurance (blue shield HMO Magellan), which virtually no one else does."
"I want to write a review because I have had great care. The doctors were very patient, and when the NP - Kristin was not available, Dr. Inamdar came in on a holiday on memorial day and spent time with us, and other patients so there would be continuity of care. Kudos to the kindness and professionalism. Thank you Dr Inamdar."
"Dr Sheth and his team of caring staff have been a Godsend to my son and our family. His kind, honest, and optimistic approach to starting and staying on a path for recovery and health has helped turn what was a very sad and frightening situation, into one of bright hope for the future.We would not be where we are today without his help."
"Everyone in the Carlsbad office is knowledgeable and super friendly. I would highly recommend."
"I am so pleased with the services received and all the amazing assistance from the staff. I called numerous times with issues with my billing and they were able to clear my concerns and provide me with the necessary receipts as needed. Even though the staff is in a different location, they are so quick in resolving my request, whether it's scheduling, refills or just to get in contact with my doctor, I could not thank them enough. The doctors are all very knowledgeable and they have helped me tremendously with my depression. Thank you achieve doctors and staff for helping me get my life back in order."

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