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Nasal Esketamine (Spravato®) Therapy

Better Days Ahead

If you’re ready to try something new for your depression, Sokya is on the cutting-edge of mental health care with solutions that can help you feel better.
Nasal esketamine is sometimes used as part of a multidisciplinary therapy program to help patients coping with treatment-resistant depression. Our expert medical clinicians are available to guide you through the use of Spravato® and other evidence-based mental health services for treatment-resistant depression to improve your quality of life.

Cutting-Edge Approach for Mental Wellness

Many patients struggle to find relief from their mental health symptoms with traditional modalities. Spravato® is a prescription drug used for treatment-resistant depression in adults that can help you find your balance and feel well again.
It is taken as a nasal spray and often used alongside therapy and other antidepressant oral medications as part of a comprehensive treatment plan that’s customized to meet your needs.

Esketamine treatment is offered via the Spravato® REMS (Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy) Program. This program ensures that esketamine is provided only to patients in a certified, medically-supervised healthcare setting.

This two hour Spravato® therapy treatment is monitored in a safe environment, with a healthcare clinician. Our care coordinators and expert clinicians are here to guide you through this process and make it easier to navigate.

A Promising Treatment Option

Spravato® is an FDA-approved intervention in treatment-resistant major depressive disorder (MDD).
This is a nasal spray for depression for people who have tried and failed multiple therapeutic treatments or medications without success.

It is crucial for patients who are considering esketamine nasal spray for their depression to work with an experienced mental health clinician. This ensures that these patients can safely explore esketamine therapy and other treatment options to help them effectively manage their depression symptoms.

Talk to a Care Coordinator Today

To learn more about esketamine therapy with Spravato® and other mental health solutions for treatment-resistant depression, call us at (858) 302-5217 to speak with one of our Spravato® experts today or email us at [email protected].
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