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Medication Management Services


Sokya provides convenient and discreet online mental health medication management to help you take charge of your mental wellness and improve your quality of life.
Clinical psychopharmacology might sound intimidating, but it simply means the study and use of medication in mental health treatment. This includes the use of one or more pharmaceutical drugs to treat the symptoms of emotional, behavioral and mood disorders.

Our goal with our medication management services is to identify a safe, effective medication that can help patients control their symptoms. We use an in-depth, collaborative approach to understand the full impact of psychopharmacology therapy. That’s where our renowned psychiatrists come in — to help determine if a drug is right for you and develop a custom medication therapy management program that complements your goals and lifestyle.

Tools for Success

At Sokya, we treat the whole patient — not just their mental health symptoms.
Your Sokya psychiatrist will closely monitor your progress and schedule regular follow-up appointments to track any changes. In addition, lab testing may also be requested to analyze your vital signs and further optimize your treatment.

There is no one-size-fits-all medication or mental health treatment that works well for all patients. Instead, some individuals may require one or more treatments to help manage their symptoms before finding the right balance.

Our clinicians prioritize learning about each of their patients as unique individuals and explore ways to help them make progress in their lives. We manage the care of our patients by curating custom treatment and MTM program that fit the lifestyle and expectations of each individual.

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