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Safe and Supportive Online Group Therapy

Heal From The Comfort of Home

Group therapy has proven to be a simple yet powerful tool that promotes hope, healing and connection. It challenges people to tell their stories and confront whatever’s holding them back, but with the support of others who face similar struggles.
Sokya offers safe spaces for healing and personal development through online support groups for mental health facilitated by licensed professionals where you can come together with your peers to seek refuge from isolation, loneliness, and disconnection and other life stressors.

Nurture your personal growth and gain new insights in a supportive environment that promotes healing, restoration, validation and authentic relationships. Together, we are stronger.


Overcoming obstacles can be challenging, but we’re here to help.
Group therapy provides a safe, supportive space where you can explore issues and share your experiences. You’ll discover new insights and perspectives along the way that help you improve your mental wellness and reach new levels of personal growth.

During each session, a qualified therapist leads the group in a safe discussion of difficult topics, such as mental illness, substance abuse, or parenting. While doing so, they’ll encourage each person to join the conversation and stay receptive to feedback. As group members listen to each other and provide support, advice or guidance, you’ll gain fresh perspectives that can help you move forward and develop new coping behaviors.

Your group therapist builds a safe environment and facilitates the group process so participants can open up without feeling attacked or judged. Sokya’s skilled providers can help group members learn from each other and get the most out of each session for a truly transformative experience.


As human beings, we crave social connections. We form strong bonds with friends and family and unconsciously mirror each other's emotions, behavior and body language.
So it makes sense that group therapy helps us better navigate life’s challenges by bringing people together and harnessing the power of empathy and connection.

Groups Provide Structure & Support

Group therapy and coaching helps us see that we’re not alone in dealing with challenging issues, whether it's disordered eating, substance abuse or significant life changes. Hearing from others with similar experiences can provide a sense of relief and help us feel less isolated. It also ensures a safe and supportive space where we can openly share our thoughts and feelings.

Groups Give Individuals a Voice

Many people feel overwhelmed by difficult emotions. Group therapy and coaching helps us find our voice and express our feelings in a healthy, positive way. In fact, open and honest dialogue is encouraged to help participants make sense of their experiences. This can be empowering and help build confidence when interacting with others. It can also improve acceptance and self-awareness.

Groups Let People Learn from Others

Group therapy and coaching involves input and feedback from a variety of perspectives. This can help us gain unique insights that are positive and uplifting. It can also help us look at our problems differently and develop new ways of coping with them. By sharing our experiences, we can learn and grow from each other while uncovering our own blind spots.

Groups Provide Encouragement

Sometimes, it can be hard to remain optimistic about difficult situations. But group therapy often includes people in different stages of treatment, and hearing about their progress can help individuals maintain a sense of hope or motivation. This can provide encouragement when it’s needed most and reinforce positive expectations.

Groups Promote Social Skills

Experiencing issues like trauma or mental illness can have a negative impact on our relationships. In response, we might isolate ourselves or lash out at others without even realizing it. Group therapy can help relieve feelings of loneliness while promoting healthier social interaction. This can improve our communication and conflict resolution skills for healthier, stronger relationships.

Groups are Secure and Confidential

Sokya delivers group therapy and coaching in a secure and confidential telehealth platform, so individuals have the option to participate anonymously. Our services are also available anywhere, making concierge-level mental health services more accessible than ever.

Group Therapy and Coaching at Sokya

Sokya offers group therapy and coaching to bring people together and foster a sense of collective mental wellness.
Whether you’re dealing with disordered eating, anxiety, substance abuse, parenting issues or something else, we have a group for you. Our goal is to deliver a holistic, full-circle experience that enhances the mental well-being of people across the globe, so sessions are provided in an online space and accessible from anywhere.

Learn more about the virtual care groups we offer below and how to register for them. Most therapy sessions take place once a week and last for an hour or more. Depending on the group, they continue to meet for six to 10 weeks, giving you enough time to find support and develop the coping skills you need to feel your best and reach your goals.
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