You are brave for traveling this journey. We know the road to mental health and wellness can be a bumpy one, and we are here to make sure you don’t have to walk alone. We've developed safe spaces in the form of therapeutic online groups where peers can come together to seek refuge from isolation, loneliness, and disconnection, as well as additional life stressors. Kickstart personal growth and gain new insights in a supportive environment that promotes healing, restoration, validation, and authentic relationships. Together, we are stronger. Together, we are wellness.

Photo of Jenny Haseth, CRC

Led byJenny Haseth, CRC

Divorce Recovery

Our divorce recovery group is intended to be a safe and confidential space for you to connect with others experiencing divorce and or separation. Begin to process and walk through your own recovery, examine dealing with change, shifting boundaries, co-parenting, and explore the stages of grief. This is a time for you to process and be supported. 

STARTS: 11/17/2022

Photo of Jenny Haseth, CRC

Led byJenny Haseth, CRC

Conscious Parenting

In this group, you will connect with other parents as you encourage one another on your parenting journeys. Enjoy a safe space to ask questions, set goals, and learn new parenting tools. You will explore each phase of your child's physical, mental and emotional development and what needs are most significant during these quickly changing and vital phases. Explore different tools for connecting with your children, your partner, and yourself.  

STARTS: 11/17/2022

Photo of Paul Yearby, CLPRC, CPRSR

Led byPaul Yearby, CLPRC, CPRSR

Kenny Speaks

This group intends to provide a safe place where people can talk about life experiences, they've often not felt ready to express. We will build camaraderie while talking about obstacles that are great hindrances to peace, joy, and forgiveness. This is an ongoing group, and participants can drop in and out as needed.

Gain a sense of community and togetherness; feel supported, heard, and not alone whenever you need it with "Kenny Speaks.”

STARTS: 11/07/2022

Photo of Paul Yearby, CLPRC, CPRSR

Led byPaul Yearby, CLPRC, CPRSR

Exploring Substance Use

This group was created for those who are exploring the need to reduce or eliminate the role of substances in their lives, as well as provide a safe space for people to examine the meaning of recovery. This group offers the opportunity to explore triggers, identify healthy coping techniques, and celebrate successes along the way. 

This group is designed to support those who have questions regarding the role of substances in their lives, including what defines problematic use, alternative coping strategies, and exploring the stages of recovery.

STARTS: 11/09/2022

Photo of Kelley Hattox, CPC, CADC-II, ICADC

Led byKelley Hattox, CPC, CADC-II, ICADC

Building Your “Growth Spurt” Muscles

Many of us have an idea of where we want to go and who want to be, but we struggle with breaking big growth down into bite-sized action plans. We've heard words like "manifesting" and "speaking it into being" but we may have lacked the guidance to develop practical plans. In this group, participants will break visions down into realistic goals. We'll consider stuck points and challenges, and we'll see how the best qualities you already have can be mobilized to help you achieve the personal vision of success that you've designed.”

STARTS: 11/10/2022

Photo of Crystal St. John, LMFT

Led byCrystal St. John, LMFT

Healthy Body Image & Eating Intuitively Support

This group was created to support those who have/are struggling with body image issues or are recovering from an eating disorder. We will focus on the support and coaching individuals need to experience shifts while trying to facilitate healing and hope on their journey.

STARTS: 11/15/2022

Photo of Jessica Lopez, AMFT

Led byJessica Lopez, AMFT

Navigating Anxiety for Pre-Teens and Teens

This group is designed to support pre-teens and teens in exploring how anxiety is impacting their lives, along with coping strategies and ways of achieving and maintaining wellness.

STARTS: 11/16/2022

Photo of Jenny Haseth, CRC

Led byJenny Haseth, CRC

Healthy Relationships for Pre-Teens and Teens

Join this pre-teen and teen only group to explore different relationships in your life and evaluate how you would like to engage. Let's talk about relationships at home, friendships, even sports teams and other relationships that are meaningful for you to have support. Evaluate your relationship boundaries, attachment styles and look for signs of unhealthy connection or possible abuse. This is a confidential group and is intended to be a safe space for you to connect and grow your relationship skills. 

STARTS: 11/10/2022

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