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A New Solution: Developed by Doctors, Based on Research

Sokya Makes World-Class Mental Health Care Accessible for Everyone
Wellness is who we are. Taking care of our mental health is as important as the physical, and the two are interrelated. We partner with many professionals, which will make it simple for you to get started with SokyaHealth today.

Founded and led by doctors, with over 100 experienced clinicians, we have helped thousands of people discover their balance through evidence-based western approaches and complementary therapies from around the world. We’re bringing concierge-level care to the digital world so physicians can provide patients access to expert mental health and wellness resources, creating healthier communities in body, mind, and spirit. Digital appointments also make care accessible to a wider variety of people because it’s easier to fit into a busy schedule.
A Complete Circle of Care
Group Support


Our unique, comprehensive system of online mental health and wellness services gives your patients access to private, efficient, and coordinated care, available anytime they need extra support. To maintain optimal mental health, everyone deserves easy access to mental health professionals. When you partner with us, you provide your patients with this easy accessibility.
Sokya also partners with most commercial insurance payers to provide ongoing support and care. Your patients deserve top-quality care, and they’ll be able to access that when you partner with us.
Patient in session within 5 days of reaching out
Most major insurances accepted
Low monthly cost per patient
Integrated, holistic care
Fully coordinated mental wellness experience

Get Started With Sokya

SokyaHealth for partners ensures you give your incredible care to a wider range of people. We’re here for your patients. We’re here for you.

Talk to a live Care Coordinator today to partner with SokyaHealth.
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