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Building Connections With Your Kids Through Common Interests

April 20, 2021
Connection is an essential component of a social and emotional bond. When we are connected to our families, there seems to be an ethereal peace that falls upon the household. There is open communication, and emotions are expressed in healthy ways. Boundaries are appropriate, and there is rarely any tension. When we invest our time in what is important — our relationships with the people we love — our lives feel more prosperous and meaningful.

Connecting With Children

Building connections with kids can be complicated. There are activities like work, friends, your kids’ sports games, your own hobbies, and finances to juggle. When you are scrambling to throw together dinner for your family of six, forking out the time for a deep emotional connection with your children might feel impossible. While life can feel like a hectic whirlwind sometimes, there is always time to set aside for what matters most. Priorities are an essential thing to consider in the midst of chaos. Sometimes, making a list of basic priorities can help. Nine times out of ten, the family will be at the top of that list of priorities. That is because the family is where most people draw on for support, love, and advice. Especially for younger children, families are the people they spend the most time with. Growing up, we learn the basics of social and emotional functioning from our parents and siblings. Our foundation is formed by the way our parents model for us and teach us. The environment we grow up in impacts us more than most people might think. The connection you have with your kids is essential, no matter their age or stage of life.

How to Connect With Your Young Kids

Bonding with young children can be a blast. At this age, whether it is three or seven, young kids are learning about the world and are fascinated by anything. The foundation of their connection with you stems from what you do with them. If you enjoy fishing, take them fishing with you! The excitement they have when they pull the fish out of the water for the first time and watch it flop around in awe is a priceless moment. Other activities, like making homemade slime together or simply coloring with chalk in the driveway, can foster a relationship based on quality time. At this young age, children look to their parents for teaching, guidance, and support. Encouragement and positive remarks regarding a child’s new experience are the single greatest way parents can form that nurturing bond with their child. 

How To Connect With Your Teenager

The teen years can be quite a rollercoaster, but they don’t have to be a monstrous nightmare. Parents can develop an unbreakable bond with their teens with regular conversations, fantastic listening skills, and an understanding but firm demeanor. Spending quality time together and showing genuine interest in their hobbies, friends, and personal lives will strengthen that bond. If you are a movie fanatic or have a show on Netflix that you love, you might try and share that with your teenager. Doing this opens the door for your teenager to share their favorite shows with you; a connection can begin with this approach. The common bond of a show opens up conversation points and creates a casual, argue-free atmosphere. Many teenagers like to spend time alone, residing in their rooms and listening to music or talking to friends on the phone. During this time in a teenager’s life, they might not want to be bothered much. Independence and personal reflection is a significant component of this stage of development. The teenage years are difficult because of societal pressures, pressures to do well in school, and figuring out the path they want to take in life. As a parent, it is crucial to give your teenager the space they desire and the space they need. Picking low-stress activities is a great way to bond with your teenager. Examine both of your interests. Do you both like music? Is there a mutual obsession with a specific basketball team? Do you both like to cook? Explore these avenues of shared interests and set up activities to participate in. Building connections with shared interests is a perfect breeding ground for communication and emotional bonds. Patience and an open mind are beneficial when raising a teen, and they can make these years incredibly enjoyable.

How To Connect With Your Adult Child

As your child ages from a teenager to their 20s and 30s, your role changes from caretaker to friend. You are on an equal plane, and it is essential to treat them as such. You can no longer impose your opinions on them; they can make decisions for themselves. Instead of criticizing their life’s decisions, find something to compliment — an accomplishment at work, their clean house, how well they’re bringing up their baby. Young adults warm to praise and chill to criticism, and you do not want to push your child away. When they are adults, they understand that they do not have to deal with family drama or being bossed around any longer. Treat your kid as you would a friend. Go out to dinner, play golf, take a hike or have a family game night. There is so many fun, different avenues to explore when your child is an adult. Building connections with your children is essential for maintaining a healthy, happy family. When common interests are explored, emotional and social bonding becomes more natural and fluent. Communication is interwoven into exciting activities, and the quality of time spent together is priceless. It is crucial to prioritize your children’s connection with you. Relationships are the glue for the family dynamic, and we want that glue to hold forever. If you are experiencing family turmoil or drama, there are individual and familial counseling sessions available for you. At SokyaHealth, we offer multiple services that tailor to your unique needs. We are a holistic mental health service provider that has helped thousands of individuals and families of all ages. For familial counseling or to learn how to form better connections with your family, we would be happy to help. Let us assist you in your journey towards better emotional bonds today. Contact us at (866) 657-6592.

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