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Jessica Xiong


Hello and welcome! I am a compassionate therapist specializing in religious and spiritual counseling rooted in Christianity. I provide support to clients facing challenges such as trauma, anxiety, and stress management. My approach is holistic, integrating emotional, cognitive-behavioral, and spiritual techniques to foster genuine therapeutic connections within a safe and nurturing space.

I have specific expertise in areas including anger management, anxiety, childhood trauma, depression, PTSD, and stress management. Through this process, clients acquire vital coping skills drawn from ACT and DBT, as well as access to digital worksheets to amplify their progress.

In my practice, I am dedicated to helping clients uncover the underlying causes of their mental health concerns, with a particular focus on trauma, anxiety, and relational difficulties. Drawing from my own experiences as a trauma survivor, I am driven to offer clients a sense of hope and a path towards healing. I extend a warm welcome to clients embarking on their journey of self-discovery and recovery.

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Areas of Expertise:

Adoption (Birthparent support
Adoption (Birthparent support, pre/post placement, grief, and loss)
Life Changes & Transitions
Men's issues
Postpartum Depression & Anxiety
Sexual Assault
Substance Abuse
Substance Use
Transitional Issues
Women's Issues

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