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Jessica Lopez

Certified Adolescent & Young Adult Coach


I have been told by my clients that I always bring warmth and openness to my sessions. My belief is to bring my authentic self to each session in order to build a trusting and therapeutic relationship with each client. To understand who my client is and walk alongside them in their journey is my mission.
It is truly inspiring to witness the resilience of each person I meet. The best part of coaching is helping folks see this fact in themselves. My clients can expect honesty, transparency, and an opportunity to thrive through a supportive process.
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I see every person as having the ability to make positive changes and it is my goal to help my clients uncover the capabilities they already have. I work from a strength-based approach that will help you break through your personal barriers and leave you feeling empowered.


Jessica Lopez is a mental health professional with over five years of experience in the field. She is currently completing her masters degree in clinical counseling as well as a certification for wellness coaching. She is dedicated to helping clients reach their personal goals and live a life that is not dominated by their struggles.
Jessica has been able to empower clients in their healing process with a variety of populations, including those who have faced extensive trauma, anxiety, depression, and severe mental health conditions. Whether individuals have struggled with a long history of mental health challenges or are dealing with difficult life transitions, Jessica has the skill set to provide a space for clients to grow and thrive.

Areas of Expertise:

Interpersonal Communication & Conflict

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