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Howard Chaitoff

Physician Assistant

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I expect the people who take care of me to be compassionate, intelligent, resourceful, dependable, available, and empathetic. I would expect no less from myself in caring for my own patients.
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Meet people where they are at. We all reside at different places on our journey. Each of us has different needs, struggles, goals, and triumphs. I will listen. More importantly, I will hear you and seek to understand how I can help.


Howard Chaitoff came to Alaska in 1987 and served as a medical service specialist at Eielson AFB. He then went on to pursue a Bachelors of Sciences degree from the Universtiy of Alaska Anchorage, graduating in 1991. He was awarded a Wellcome pharmaceutical grant in 1996 to study clinical cytogenetics at the Salisbury Genetics Laboratory in England. Then completed his post graduate degree in Secondary Sciences Education at Southampton University in England. Finally, Howard attended the University of Washington, MEDEX physician assistant program in 2006.

Areas of Expertise:

Bipolar Disorders

Mental Health + Wellness Resources

Some of my favorites
"Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" by Robert M. Pirsig
"The Body Keeps the Score" by Bressel van der Kolk
"The Nature Fix" by Florence Williams

Clinical Excellence

Mr. Chaitoff has served as the Primary Care Manager for the Wounded Warriors on Ft. Richardson. He has also worked in the fields of general medicine, psychiatry, and general surgery.
Bachelor of ScienceUniversity of Alaska Anchorage
Certificate in Clinical CytogeneticsSalisbury Genetics Laboratory
Post Graduate - Secondary Sciences EducationSouthampton University
BS, Clinical SciencesUniversity of Washington
Director, Legion Riders Post 28 Alaska
Bass guitar

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