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Heather Keizur



As a client seeing me, you can first and foremost expect me to be patient, warm, and hopefully easy to talk to. For our first visit, I will do my best to orient you to the process of therapy if you have no prior experience.
I am directive if you ask me to be, or I find that is what you need, but I believe this is your time and I allow you to take the lead. There will not be an agenda for you unless together we create one. My only motive is to give you the space necessary to heal. 
If I am seeing you as a couple, you will quickly find that I am not biased and will work hard on providing each of you the opportunity for your voice to be heard. 
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Clients find that I am open and warm and while maintaining boundaries, allow you to get to know me, avoiding the myth that you are not allowed to know anything about me.


Heather has a way of making an individual feel and know they are important and loved. Heather cares deeply for her clients and has a way of displaying this even in a greeting. Heather takes pride in creating a space for individuals to be themselves and makes vulnerability normal. While working with clients, Heather takes the stance that her clients are the ones who know the most about themselves and tries not to ever assume something about someone. She allows her clients to be the leaders of their journey to healing and sees her role as being a companion and guide. Heather combines several different therapeutic approaches and does not lean on only one technique.

Areas of Expertise:

Family Therapy
Life Changes & Transitions

Mental Health + Wellness Resources

Some of my favorites
YouTube Channel
How to ADHD
YouTube Channel
The School of Life
Author & Podcaster
Books and Podcasts by Brene Brown

Clinical Excellence

Heather believes that her work is a calling and not a job. She has always known that helping others through therapy is what she is meant to be doing.
BS, PsychologyFamily Studies Corban University
MA, Marriage Family TherapyGeroge Fox University

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