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Achol C

Care Coordinator

My favorite thing about working with SokyaHealth:

The sense of community here is beyond what I have experienced before. Everyone is very uplifting, will go above and beyond to help you and the providers are always rooting for you.

My favorite self-care activity:

My favorite self care activity is journaling. I do it almost every day and it really helps me unpack my day and plan ahead. I also use it to draw and doodle which helps me destress.

The best piece of advice I've ever been given:

"Your success in life is largely dependent on how many uncomfortable conversations you're willing to have."

What color best describes or represents me:

Probably orange because I like to stay positive and have a lot of warmth around me.

Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it.
Charles Swindol
Plants and Gardening

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